Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Foaming at the mouth

I went to see Cine this evening at Moho live in Manchester. I picked Nick up early, my gran and parents were monopolising the house so I needed to get out.

As we were so early Nick and I went for a drink and a chat in Dry Bar. As we talk a seat a surreal moment happened as a guy entered the bar with his dog, he sat outside to smoke with a beer and the barman brought the dog a bucket of water to drink from.

Nick is an inspiration to me, I have only been working on my house for a couple of weeks and already I feel worn out, I have no idea how he manages it day after day. Ian Faye and Danny joined us for a quick drink. Ian an Faye were looking tanned and happy after their sojourn in the US. We didn't have long to chat before we had to make a move to the club.

Danny pointed out that Moho is actually in what was the Lazy Pig. It brought back some memories of college days.

Inside Moho met up with Andy Gilmore, Emily, Jo Berger, Alex Humphrey, Paul Fletcher (who had something to do with holding the event). Cine played a good set, Paul was really hyped up, James was awesome on the guitar I really like the keyboard effects creating an almost door's like sound which was a suitable adjunct to Paul songs.

I really enjoyed the performance but afterwards the next band was way way too loud I couldn't talk to anyone properly so I hung around for a bit before making an exit about 11.

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