Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Break And Enter

I have been so busy recently I hardly can tell where the time has gone. I have removed most of my kitchen, started stripping the walls. My mum has been really great and made a real start in the garden. To be honest I think she has quiet enjoyed herself pottering around in the garden. My garden is a lot more manageable than my parents.

There have been lots of things I have really wanted to blog, but I am rubbish at takings notes and the stories have already escaped my head. I hope soon to return to more regular posts.

Now my parents new kitchen is nearing completion they had there old washing machine and fridge freezer which Nick helped me to transport to my house. Washing machines are really, really heavy! I offered to buy Nick a drink for his efforts so he walked round to my parents house about 10, out of nowhere the nice evening went very nasty and the rain came down in a monsoon type downpour. I elected to drive but even walking to the car we got we and the visibility was only 20 meters.

It was quizz night in the Unicorn so conversation was difficult and e both felt tired so after a drink we came home.

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