Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Killing In The Name

Been a bit of a delay on this post as I have spent the week recovering from the night.

It was a night of Freedom last night for five of the IT team, so to celebrate a group of us went out to the Frog and Bucket.
It was a group of 11 of us, of which the only 4 would be staying on at. The rest either were made redundant or left of their own volition.
We met up at the rather expensive fringe bar, a couple of the guys had already had their last day so it was good to see them again, if a little sad that it would be the last time.
The Frog and Bucket did bottles of Carlin for £1.30 the alcohol was soon flowing. I had seen the compare before at the Woodford comedy night Legion of Laughs. He was a very funny guy. The other comedians were extremely variable ranging from the hilarious to the absolutely dreadful.

Jo B's ex lodger Alex was watching I said hello, he actually liked the comedian I thought was the worst, but it all subjective I suppose.

After the comedy was over one of the support techs persuaded us to go to 5th Avenue we were all a little worse for wear none more the Johns girlfriend who started speaking in Welsh and then fell and hurt her foot. She had only just had it taken out of plaster today so I left her with John looking for a taxi.

5th Avenue we pretty crowded with the sort of student types I remember in there years age when I went there (also as a student). I danced with the others like lunatics drunken to the ear splitting music (it took two days for the ringing in my ears to disappear). At one point Steve M and myself were screaming Killing in the name of at each other. A fun night all round though I felt like death turing into work at 9 after only leaving 5th Ave at 3. Mind you a few of the others went on to a casino afterwards and still made it in.

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