Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr Brightside

I have been feeling really angry and upset the last week. The garage are really messing me about, they have had car for three weeks now and I still don't know what is going on. I have had so many stories, I think that they are covering up a complete lack of knowledge.
My house searching is not exactly going very well either, either my budget is just too small or I haven't yet seen the right property. I am getting a little fatigued searching though.
I think I am just generally fatigued, I realised that for nearly two years I have worked on one high pressure project after another, there have been so many deadlines and work its all starting to make me battle weary.
Today was Budget Day, and as typical for the New Labour nanny state beer is getting more expensive, as is fuel. More and more I feel that working people like me are paying a huge burden yet more and more people are excluded from life by the increasingly Byzantine system. Everything seems to be about complexity rather than transparency and fairness. I really think it it detrimental, I really think a simpler system would be fairer to all, at the minute the middle of society is screwed while those that can afford clever accountants (and non doms) avoid a great deal. I think my view is backed up by the fact that despite all the extra taxes the divisions in society are growing, quiet quickly.

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