Saturday, March 22, 2008

An end has a start

I am so lazy today, I have sat here for about 2 hours trying to psych up the energy to get dress and get to the gym.
I have really done much the holiday weekend either. Yesterday I fixed up the shed roof, the extreme winds had torn off the felt, fortunately we had a roll in the shed.
After that Phil came over to help me set up the new server, we got about 10 minutes into it when Martina turned up. She is going on a trip to the south west today. I must have bored her to death watching us play with the computers.
In the evening I went round to Phil's House to watch films and drink beer, it was nice to relax the cycle home was a bit chilly though. We watched John Rambo which was incredibly graphic even for Rambo. I quiet enjoyed it though I wasn't sure of some of the messages.
Tonight I am going for a meal with Jo, Holly, Phil, Ian, Nick and Sarah. We are planning to sample the new restaurant call the Seven Spices in Cheadle Hulme.
That said I better get to the gym!

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