Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In Between Dreams

I went to look round a house this evening. It is a little 2 bedroom terrace in Edgeley near to Stockport rail station. I quiet liked it, apart from the decor the place is in pretty good condition.
I am not entirely sure about the area, there are a couple of tower blocks down the end of the road.
I also found out that one of the flat I look round in Handforth which was in the process of having a new kitchen now has the kitchen finished and has come down by a couple of thousand pounds. I have arranged another viewing for later in the week.
After the viewing I went to Rusholme for a curry with Martina, her friend from Germany and a trio of French assistants. We tried out Pink Garlic, its a pretty big restaurant on the first floor. They have a joint Chinese and Indian menu which is quiet unique. We all eat Indian though.
The place is pretty impressive they have spent a lot of time on the decor it looks the part. Unfortunately neither the service or the food lives up to the grandeur of the place. I was extremely underwhelmed by the food, it wasn't bad, just not as good as a lot of other restaurants I have tried.

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