Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Might Say

I went to see the mortgage advisor tonight, it was a very depressing meeting totting up where I spent my money (mostly on going out and holidays) then being given the hard sell on a range of insurance products. I began to wonder whether I can actually afford to have any sort of life, I suppose I will just have to change my habits at least for a few years until.
It's all very depressing but the old I get and the more used to my lifestyle the hard the sacrifice will be so I suppose I really need to make the jump now.
The trouble is with all the goings on and work recently I have really lost touch with property searches, I will have to start afresh later this week.
I have Japanese class tomorrow, I haven't looked at my books for a while, I tried tonight but I felt too tired to take it all in. I hope its not too tricky a lesson tomorrow!

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