Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

Thanks to the last minute trip to the Alps I hadn't managed to arrange anything to celebrate New Years eve. I spoke to a few people who had various plans, Paul invited me to London, Ian was already on his way. To be honest after all the travelling for skiing I didn't fancy it. I spoke to Jo B he was going round to his neighbours for a house party. Bruce and Nina were off out for a meal, Nick and Brie were away, Becky was busy so for a while I was thinking I would spend the night at home.

Fortunately Andy G saved me, inviting Phil and I to join him and Emily at their flat. We reasoned that it wasn't worth paying the New Years Eve tax to go out. Given that the infamous 5th Avenue wanted £15 for entry we decided to stay at the flat. Watched Jool's Holland, there were some good acts, Paul McCartney and Kyle were good, as was Kate Nash.

As the last few minutes of 2007 drained away we moved out onto the balcony. Andy's apartment is right in the heart of the city, so we were able to watch the fireworks exploding in nearly every direction. Someone was even firing rockets from the roof of the building opposite. We watched one rocket arc lazily exploding midway down the structure. Emily brought out some sparklers which we lit and played with as the firework displays burned themselves out.

We moved inside once the displays had finished we played on the Wii, drank beer and eat snacks. It was a fun evening, I enjoyed the company, the banter and atmosphere was nice and relaxed. After the partying in Deux Alps it was nice to relax. We played Guitar Hero and Wario Ware, both games were really fun. Wario Ware is load of little mini games, its pretty surreal especially the "Form Baton" descriptions.

It'ts not really cold but raining here, a grey day in Manchester. Not the most promising start to the year, I suppose it is winter though. Phil and I stayed at the flat in sleeping bags. We started the day by making a huge fry up, just the ticket to absorbed all of the Budweiser consumed in last nights celebrations. After that we had a go on the Wii, trying out Trauma centre. Its a bit of a weird game, very Japanese you get to try your hand at being a doctor.

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