Thursday, January 31, 2008


One on the weird and beautiful things about life is peoples constant capacity to surprise. Psychologist an anthropologists can predict the behaviour of the masses, prediction a specific persons actual behaviour in life verges on the impossible.

There is a point to my assertion, today I discovered I lost another reader today, fortunately its not a sad event, in fact in this case it is in a roundabout way a happy one. I met Sarah for lunch and she warned informed me that she no longer read my blog. It was a weird feeling, hard to explain. I am glad and upset at the same time. Clearly I spoke to her in a way through the internet but it nicer to make friends in the real world.

It is interesting to me that while some people like to read about themselves, others prefer to read only when they know that they wont be a playing a starring role. Sarah isn't the only person that has told me they prefer not to read about themselves so much so that it stopped the reading the blog all together. Part of my wants to be read, but this blog has morphed a lot since the early days when it was just for me, I am a little more careful about what I say. I wouldn't say its constrained me much, but perhaps I think twice about shooting my mouth off preferring sometimes to wait until the dust has settled.

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