Monday, August 06, 2007

Its all in the mind

I havent really had much going on in the last few days so I thought I would try bloggin about an interesting article I read in the Economist. It is about the work of Dr Geoffrey Miller. He proposed an interesting hypothesis that the development of the human brain; his assertion humans brains developed rather like a peacocks tail in order for us to better appeal to partners. Increased mental abilities have more to do with sexual display than with hunting and gathering. The bones of the thesis are that men are driven to make a show of themselves.

Miller develops his argument by contrasting the differencing strategies men and women employ. Men have a higher tendency to show off they can provide more than their needs usually through conspicuous consumption.

I remember briefly reading a psychology book which belonged to one of my ex girlfriends. Fraud seemed to believe that the unconscious mind was ruled by repressed desires especially sexual ones. I suppose if the development of the brain revolved around mating it would follow the desire for sex should be pretty strong

It made me wonder though if perhaps something has gone a bit wrong though as a recent study showed Smarter Students have less sex. If you read the article many reasons are put forward as to why more intelligent people have less sex. Delaying reward to concentrate on study, and lack of desire are both citied.

Not being a psychologist I cant really say I fully understand the articles and nuances, and the arguments are fairly generalised. I can recognise some of the drivers being talked about especially the need for conspicuous consumption in order to impress.

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