Sunday, July 08, 2007

Save Me

I have done a lot today, I was in work for 6am to put some programs live. It all seemed to go very well which is about the best we can do.

I also went to the gym for the first time since before my holiday, I did some leg exercise. I have lost some strength but I just about managed a session. I felt a lot better for it afterwards.
This evening I went out with Nick, Bruce and Phil. It was a lot less harsh than last night. Rather than just complain about our love lives, we had fun, chatted about nothing and everything setting the world to rights.

Met Mark Dunnington at the pub, its amazing to me that this guy is married with a job as a policeman, and a house. I remember when he was a reprobate, it just shows how much things can and do change. He reminded us that Ian and Paul are going to Amsterdam with them for Emilie's fiancée stage do, should be fun for them!

I picked up my new glasses today (pictures below). My eyesight has changed a great deal since I last was tested so much one of my eyes basically wasn't working, crazy huh! They have pretty much bankrupted me as they were a rather unexpected expense. I got a card through the post and decided to follow it up. I last had a check in 2003! I shouldn't have left it so long my eyes have really changed, and work should really pay for the test as I work behind a screen.

I got some texted off Olya today she met and argued with her ex and was feeling not the best. It was great to hear from her but I was a little stuck on what to say, I just want her here with me now but it is impossible, so no point on dwelling on it.

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