Monday, July 09, 2007

House of the rising sun

Had a strange day at work today, after Saturdays upgrade there was a very minor problem. It took me about 20 minutes to find the solution, there was a small error in a bug fix (not made by me!) which caused unexpected almost random behaviour. After that and a dressing down of sorts, I felt pretty disinclined to focus on the next job in the queue. Though I made progress in the afternoon. I sometimes wonder what hey expect, it wasn't my job, it seemed to work and was passed though testing, I am not sure what else I could have done, especially seeing as every change is expected yesterday.

After work I went for a run, it felt good just plodding along the treadmill, music playing like I was free. At least for the first 10 minutes then I got tired. Perhaps I overdid things after swimming yesterday and weights the day before my legs were tired.

I tried to chill out watching TV, but there was nothing on I watched mega-structures about the huge hotel in Dubai and a show about the Yom Kippur war in Israel. I never realised it was a part of the cold war played out in the middle east. With the Soviets supplying Egypt and the US Israel.

Phil came over and we headed to an empty unicorn for a drink. Not only was it empty thanks to the road works but virtually all the lagers were off so I ended up drinking Stella. We had a chat Phil had seen my pictures from Turkey and was asking about Olya. I told him about meet her in reception and going on to spend the rest of my time in Turkey with her. It was a really great trip and though its left me broke it was well worth it.

I just wish I could meet someone more local who's company I enjoyed so much.

Tomorrow I am going to have a Japanese meal with some member of the class. It should be a different experience, though I am totally inept it has been an interesting experience trying to learn Japanese.

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