Tuesday, April 03, 2007

27 Days to go

For some weird reason my Internet connection was a totally unreliable.

Nothing much happened tonight, I went to the gym managed 9.5km I will make it to 10 one of these days. I was talking to a fried today about the gym and how narcissistic training can be, admiring oneself in mirrors and toning can, if one isn't careful become self obsessive. I think I am pretty normal though just want to lose some weight.

I have been watching nip tuck recently, its a show about two plastic surgeons which explores aging, the complexities and hypocrisy's of the modern imagine obsessed world. It is a very entertaining show, though full of the full gory details of plastic surgery. My stomach actually turns sometimes at when peoples bodies are being cut up.

I had to raid my money jar in order to pay off a bill, what with buying my monitor and the impending China trip I am a little strapped for cash at the moment. Things will work out without me resorting to raiding my savings. It's going to be tight though.

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