Monday, March 26, 2007

Vacation vaccination

I had to go to see the nurse and be vaccinated agains't horrible things, the kind that only seem to be a problem abroad. I updated some other immunisations I really should have had like tetanus apparently the last time I had one was in the late 80's). Just like all nurses she was pure evil. Was there any need to stab me that hard? More to the point why did I have to have injections in both arms :'( I realise I am a total wuss but hey its not really that pleasant an experience, at least I was sparred the ignominy of having to pay to be jabbed they were on the NHS.

Thanks to this fun immunisation I had to arrive at work early, a task made extremely difficult as I had very little sleep last night, my cat woke me up just as I was getting to sleep thus making me totally awake again. Little b*stard at times I could strangle him. Being a cat he had no qualms about going straight to sleep on top of my newly wakened feet, I guess I am jealous sleeping 16 out of 24 hour seems like a nice prospect as times.

I spent this evening putting some more finishing touches on Ian's site, it isn't live yet but I think I have made a major improvement over the previous one. I am still torn about the font, I had been toying with the idea of using a san-serif rather than Georgia, I might see what Ian thinks it is after all his site.

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