Saturday, March 10, 2007


The customer went to the dogs tonight I had never been to a race before either dogs, horses, bikes, or anything. So it was a pretty new experience. The price was pretty good too, £5 got us entry, 2 drinks, 2 x £2 bets and a meal voucher.

I had been a little worried about gambling I have a pretty addictive character and have had problems in the past. Like betting on crazy shares, but that is another story. Fortunately the minimum bet is £2 and with only 14 races and two free bets its pretty easy to keep things interesting without it getting silly. Though some of the people there took it all a lot more seriously.

I must say having money riding on the races, and the whole process of choosing chatting about and betting makes the evening a lot more interesting. I managed to get a couple of wins in but overall lost money (only a small amount fortunately). I am not really sure how the betting all works I always put on my money on a dog to win, the only guy I knew who made a profit was playing spread bets, betting on two dogs coming in. This tactic greatly improved his odd so that on one race he won £31 the omst 5 won was £4. Given my predilection for things that are bad for me its probably not a good I dea to learn how it all works least I get swept up ;)

I drove, with the track being in Belle Vue it would have been expensive to get a taxi. This was also meant I could not get drunk and go mad betting, a win win situation. I offered to give a lift back to another guy I work with who lives a few minutes away. Annoyingly a few other people basically hijacked me for a lift, ok it was only 10 minutes away but in the wrong direction, so before I knew it 10 minutes because twenty and it took nearly an hour to get home.

It was definitely a fun night out, different and quiet exciting I am certainly glad to have gone.


lulu said...

a dog-horse race? never saw such kind of races here in Shanghai. its really an exciting experience no matter how tiny the bet share.

Cookiesworld said...
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Cookiesworld said...

:D I meant I have never been to a dog race or a horse race never mind betting on them.

Yes it was exciting!