Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where is this going

Just got back from a quiet evening at Phil's, we were looking to book an away adventure for my birthday but couldn't agree on destination the choices on offer seem to be Prague Barcelona Milan or Belfast. Personally I would like to get to Barcelona or Milan I haven't been to either yet. I will attempt to book tomorrow when my head is clear.

Originally a load of people said they would come but everyone but Phil has cried off for various reasons, mostly money. It’s a shame I would have liked more people to come. My first trip to Prague was extra good because so many people came too.

Tonight sat at Phil's I realised despite everything my life is the same as it always has been while in some way I have challenged myself I still rely on my parents, I live an easy life in their house the same one I have my entire life. It is amazing really I can offer no end of excuses the high price of property my single status or simple fear uncertainty and doubt. The real reason might simply be its too easy to be here perhaps it is my aspiration which are low, or maybe societies are too high encouraging people into debt and bondage to the government.

I am convinced that the government are encouraging debt as a tool, as once we have the monkey on our back we are forced to tow the line. To keep the crappy job to follow the rules not to get fined. Why is debt encouraged (taxt free) whereas savings are discouraged (taxed or needlessly complicated like ISA's). I worry about society forever becoming more litiguous, more restrictive less individual yet at the same time we have never had less of a communal society. Ruled by tabloids easy solutions to complex problems which are usually just a band aid on a broken arm.

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