Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Venue hunting

Had a crap day at work wont bore you with the details but it sucks when people keep chaning their minds and thus cause more work. When colleuges are unsupportive or even downright idiots.

I spent two hours at the gym after work cooling off it acutally it propelled me to do some extra difficult weights so not a total waste of engery.

Bruce I and spent the evening hunting for new possible venues for the lan bash, we needed somewhere cheap not to far and on the ground floor. I dont fancy lugging alll that computer equipment upstairs. We tried a number of places in Bramhall Handforth and Cheadle Hulme. Mostly they were shut but a couple we managed to get into and have a chat even found one possible. Met some interesting people, its only a certain type of person who drinks in a memebers only bar like a legion. The owners seemed pretty colourful people too!

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