Saturday, September 16, 2006


You know some days when you start a five minute job and that five minutes ends up being more like 5 hours? This morning my dad asked me to help him change some broken mains socket faceplates, given last night my mac died for no apparent reason the augurs were not so good for doing electrical work. However prompted thanks to the shoddy work by one of the electrictions. Whom had put a socket protruding about two inches from the wall, nice just what you need to trip over. Our idea was to recess this so out came the tools. We soon found we didn't have a decent small screw driver and we needed an extra socket so we went to B&Q braving the mass crowds we got some supplies and a new screwdriver.
We got home to find one of the back plates was wrong, played merrygo round moving facplates to try if different combinations would would getting more and more frustrated. One of the sockets had shorted and been melting on the indside so we were lucky to change it.
I dont know what was worse the frustration of the task, my dads annoying comments or my mum repeating "theres no such thing as a short task" over and over again.
All was well in the end though got all of them replaced just took way too long.

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