Thursday, September 07, 2006

-VE energy

A philosopher called Carl Hempel showed that by manipulating the logical statement "all ravens are black", you could derive the equivalent “all non-black objects are non-ravens”. Thus is the basis for a new form of database. I am not 100% sure I really follow the concept entirley, but it is an interesting one the idea that you could have a dataset with no data which you would use to test the validity of the query itself. Intreresting the human body uses a sort of negative database the immune system knows everything that is part of the body and therefore self and therefore everything that is not self should be destroyed.

From one weird concept to another last night I watched 911 loose change which is a documentary presenting an alternative version of the events of 911. When looked at in a different light there are a number of things that are very strange, especially surrounding the collision with the Pentagon and the missing gold from under the trade centre. I would definatly recommend a viewing.

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