Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Type of girl?

Last night headed to the Thieves Neck with Nick Becky and Jono, the chat was focused mainly on relationships.

Becky had uncovered and removed Nicks P0rn stash causing him much embarrassment then annoyance, then more embarrassment when she reviled she had show them to her mother!

In typical style she started asking me about women, what my type? Well to be honest I am not sure I have a type I've fancied load of girls, blond brunette, brown skinned fair haired. I'm not currently seeing anyone nor is there anyone I am particularly interested in after wasting last year trying and failing to meet anyone nice on the Internet and not being the type of guy who can pull when I go out my opportunities are pretty limited.

However my friends are now increasingly couples, and they don't want me to be the third wheel so keep asking the questions. Martin and Charlotte are more blatant I don't think they actually want me around anymore unless I've got someone else in tow oh dear.

Trouble is no-one seems to want to know me, I get on well with the girlfriends of my friends but on meeting me people (girls) don't seem to be attracted. I've lost weight I even do my hair and make somewhat of an effort but it hasn't made much of a difference. I guess being an introverted depressive doesn't help oh well perhaps one day.

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