Monday, July 03, 2006

Last Train Home (Never fall in love again)

Tonight after a hot and sticky day at work, it was a very hot and raucous concert at the Apollo Manchester. Joining a full house Phil and I went to see the Lost Prophets. They are a pretty hard rock band interspersing quiet slow pieces with loud fast rock, they played a really good set a lot of songs of the new album (which I don't have yet but ordering now) interspersed with their old classics my personal favourite were last train home and last summer.

I didn't realise but a large part of their fanbase seemed to be teenage girls which made me feel a bit like an ageing rocker surrounded by young women. It was fun event, the band really got the crowd going. The whole place screaming along to the songs, my ears are really ringing. Thanks to them being young girls they were shorter than me, a rarity at gigs so I could actually see really well bonus!

During the last song the crowd went mental a huge human whirlpool dragging more and more people in front of us into a human vortex, were were all drenched the high temperature coupled with lots of people jumping around really made the temperature soar. I am horse thanks to shouting I ache and I am tired but it was worth it, I had a great night though.

I've actually got this post finished there are currently two sat in the drafts folder and a load of pictures I need to upload, hopefully Ill find time soon, but I have been out a lot this weekend,
Rock on!

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