Monday, July 17, 2006

Diy Hell

Opps never ever try and do quick fix diy jobs on your heating late on a summers evening all kinds of bad things can go wrong.
This post has been kind of eaten by my web browser twice, hopefully Ill finish it this time.
Ian Came round this evening with Ben's laptop to fix whilst I was doing that I unleashed Ian on Half Life 2. About 10.30 my dad came in and asked if I could help him for a for minutes, I really wish I said no.
He had noticed a leaking pipe on the radiator in the hallway, so not wanting to leave it dripping onto the new floor in there his plan was to take off the radiator and cap the end. Unfortunatly because the pipes and joins were old and worn the bolt was tight we put a little too much force and the pipe deformed, next thing water is gushing out of the pipe the entire weight of the heating system pumping out disgusting dirty black water (which has been going about the system for 10 years). Within moments myself and dad were covered in dirty black crap and only a towl restricted the flow, the floor was flooding, I ran out grabbed the hose cut the end and rammed it over the pipe, then disconected the mains water supply so the heating system could drain. Ian left at the point and I called the only man who both knows about heating systems and owed me a favour, Martin.
It didnt take to much cooersion to get him to pop round with his tools, by which the system was drained. When he arrived we sliced the pipe, cleaned the end and fitted a compression fitting to the end.
Given how bad the system is and how hot the weather is we decided to turn the water back on let it fill up but leave the boiler off. My dad has called in some heating people and hopfully by the end of the month we will get a new system.

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