Thursday, June 15, 2006


Watched the match whilst working out on the cross trainer after work, I turned the other way for a moment and missed crouches goal but caught Gerrard's boomer :-D
In truth today was a difficult day work was not great, characterised by my company owner making a surprise visit and my laptop totally messing up so I couldn't show what I have been working on. I also managed to have an argument with my dad to boot, I think we are so far apart these days there is little to talk about no common ground, I've been looking to move out but its a choice of stay here and be miserable, rent and never own, or buy in some shit area and not enjoy life not really many options.
After the gym I ate dinner with my parent though in truth I was only their in body then I went round to Phil's, and we watched the excellent closer, so many good lines in that movie If only I could think so sharply so intelligently, such good dialogue it bears many repeat viewings. I want so much to be the Clive Owen character but in truth I know I am closer the the underachieving obsessive Jude Law it makes me sad but it dosn't make it less so.

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