Sunday, May 14, 2006


Last night Paul, Phil myself and Pauls Girlfriend Pippa went to see Radiohead at the Blackpool Empress Ballroom, it was a spectacular gig the band were on perfect form totally together and really into the music. I especially loved Thom dancing like a loon to idioteque and playing with the camera whilst on the piano.
Stand out tunes included the excellent nude aka Big Ideas dont get any, Street Spirit (my personal favourite) the new song were sounding good except for one instrumental one which didnt really seem to do anything. They played a lot of Kid A, and several songs off The Bends and OK Computer Concluding the show with Paranoid Android.
As usual for a Radiohead show the sound stage setup was phenomenal the quality of the audio was brilliant
Phil and I managed to get to four rows from the front it was unbelievable dancing like a maniac only a few feet from the band. The crowd were pretty wild not quiet as dangerous as the one at the Streets but I was battered around and had at least one beverage poured over me, despite all that its was a great gig the music was unbelievable.

Setlist: (from atease coulnt quiet remember myself)
01 Everything In Its Right Place
02 The National Anthem
03 2+2=5
04 15 Step
05 Morning Bell
06 Pyramid Song
07 Go Slowly
08 Bangers N Mash
09 Dollars And Cents
10 How To Disappear Completely
11 Nude
12 Karma Police
13 You And Whose Army?
14 Airbag
15 Spooks
16 Idioteque
17 There There

Encore 1:
18 Just
19 Four Minute Warning
20 The Bends
21 Street Spirit

Encore 2:
22 I Want None Of This
23 Paranoid Android

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