Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vote of Confidence

Martin Flower came into work today, he apologised for the lack of communications and set a loads of issues straight which was really good of him nd it certainly made me feel a heck of a lot better. I even got praise from people whom always gave me the impression they thought I was totally useless. Given the recent working environment I had really started to question whether I was really achieveing anything at all so sometimes its really great just to be told yeah your not useless in fact your doing a really great job. Hopefully I might either be able to scam a pay rise or get some training / benifit in return for my hard work we will see after the annual review at the end of the month.

This evening I went round to Bergers he bought himself a new sound card which has better midi support and he wanted me to fit it. He also told me about his latest scheme to buy and run a club, in theory I can see it could be great but somehow it seems a little pie in the sky the sorts of investment he was alking about seem rather extream for a first venture.

Also caught up with Bruce his evening he seemed in fine form dispite the problems he has had working weekends to finish a building only to find only 6 of the planned 90 staff start there this week. I think I would have been a little be more upset with the revalation.

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