Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lan cancelled :-(

I spend most of today rebuilding reinstalling and copying data back onto my pc. I always forget how long its takes all the little utilities and programs I need.

On the plus side games like Counter strike are running really well. Its certainly a heck of a lot faster than my old XP2400 and the 7600 whilst cheap seems a perfectly capable graphics card. Unfortunatly howevr Martin, David and Kev have dropped out of the lan with Bruce having to go to a stag do it means there simply wont be enough people to make running a lan viable.

Jon Cotton begame the latest customer for the server, I think he will take me into the break even stage only a couple more and I might be able to start affording to expand and pay for a new server :-D He is working on sme interesting sites I hope to leanr some PHP and have a go at doing some customisation of them it could be a potencial source of revenue in a not too distant future hopefully.

This evening I went round to Philip's house with Bruce we coudlnt get my laptop to output to his tv so we ended up watching Bruces favorite film who dares wins. Its wasnt as bad as I feared especially after a few beers.

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