Friday, March 31, 2006

Murial's Wedding

I spent this evening trying to bodge my dads web-site into shape he had the leaflet guy design it and it looks alright but is its a real mess behind the scenes. My dad wants it to work now so I simply changed the things he wanted. If only I were good at the visual design as well as code I could make a killing.

Two things tonight really reminded me of being in Australia particularly the month spent in Mission Beach Firstly I watched Murial's Wedding my latest movie from Love Film. It is an an excellent film of Murial's voyage of self discover from lonely Abba obsessed singleton dreaming of her wedding day. Trapped in a drab small Australian town of Porpoise Spit. Along the way she find real friendship, discovers new depths in her life and has some interesting adventures. The film totally reminded me of a girl I met in the backpackers, like the Murial she was from Perth and was a huge Muriel's Wedding fan. She had split up with her boyfriend and headed off traveling round Australia. We got on really well I quiet fancied her if truth be told but unfortunately she had to move on and Phil and I were stuck waiting for Phil's van to be repaired.
The was one other thing one night I was making great progress we were really getting on well then Phil came over e had been speaking to his mum and found out his dog had died and was very upset, it kind of destroyed the mood and I ended up having to console him.

The next trip down memory lane was courtesy of Aerdna a random ICQ user from Vienna. She reminded me of a couple I met in Mission Beach, Christian and Isabelle. They were two of the nicest people I have ever met, I did try to keep in touch for a while but it is always difficult. They were constant companions at the lodge but also the cause of a rather dark night. We were all having drinks cocktails I think when two new people joined us, they were properly red neck Aussies and were pretty brash and arrogant. When they found out where Christian was from they took him to one side to show him their tattoos. They were neo Nazis with Swastikas on their arms proud to show him because Austria had recently elected a right wing leader...

Well enough of my reminiscing, I need to get back out there somehow, I ever had a quick look at property in Budapest today, it's the *new* growth area. To be honest I was impressed I can see there is room for growth but by the same token room for collapse I think it's a little risky considering my capital resources are low at the moment

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