Sunday, March 19, 2006

Guinness Hats Sandbox and Sisters I never had

It is Saturday night I am tired but happy so far its a its been a great weekend.

Friday night was the end of a very long and painful week of work all I wanted to do was go out and celebrate it being over. Fortunately this coincided with St Patrick's day so and Endo and his girlfriend Jo wanted to see some of Wilmslow. I thought it might be fun to go to the hat pub :) It had changed a bit since I was last in with Ali Nick and Mike but was still a fun pub.

Out were myself Martin, Jo Endo, Bruce, Nina and Phil we drank Guinness chatted about all sorts well mainly the usual rubbish. I had a good chat with Jo she was very interesting company, I can see why Endo is so smitten. I generally got very drunk chatted to everyone but it was all good humoured :-D Also wore a stupid Guinness hat all evening oh I love paddies day.

Today, first thing a hung over Phil and I went off to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet to shop, I got a few things some new running shoes and some t-shirts I was trying to find jeans but there wasn't anything I liked in my size.

From their straight to this months manlug Bruce Martin and myself were supposed to be going but thanks to road works Bruce and Martin didn't make it. The meeting was about Myth TV and we learned some cool stuff about how powerful it is, my favourite slide though was one that simply read ATI = bad Nvidia = good!

After a short break and some dinner it was off out to see sandbox at the Rampant Lion in Manchester. They were really good, I liked the new songs and Greg is a better guitarist than Righini. Though some of the rockier elements have gone, the sound was good. It was very loud though, my ears are ringing! I also had a chance to wish Emily a happy birthday hope she had a good one.

From Sandbox straight to Wilmslow to meet up with Ali Brook (really wishing by this point I had brought my camera out so many missed pictures). She was in usually great mood with her mates all have a drink. I could keep up to be honest had to bail out while they went off to Manchester all in all a good weekend so far though.

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