Friday, March 03, 2006

Deep Freeze

Wow its gone so cold this week my snowing all day today it didnt really stick though. When I got out of the gym it was bitter -2c by my car's thermometer but it felt colder.
Watched Domino tonight it was well different than I expected certainly not as bad as I feared it passed the time on a cold winters evening. Basically Domino is a bounty hunter, the film starts with her in a prison cell, the recounts her life as a bounty hunter interspersed with the last few day events. A tangled web of personal lives, armour car robberies and the mob, its very long and winding but the ending played out way too fast. Personally my favorite character was Christopher Walking as the hollywood guy producing a reality tv show about the bounty hunters.
I can hardly believe its already march seems that time is flying by and yet I dont seem to be moving on, been doing a few things to get inspiration reading the Intellegent invesor at the moment I am only a third thrrough but I can already say its an excellent read and well worth it for any budding investor. Its taught me that at least a few of my deals are more speculation than investment, which isnt a bad thing in itself as long as its onl a part of my portfolio. Ill write some more of II when I have finished reading it, bu value investment all the way from here!

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