Monday, November 14, 2005

Ong Bak attack

After another day at work and another tiring gy session I decided a night i might be night so spent this evening watchg some movies.
Ring 2,oh dear oh dear of dear Hollywoods obsession with Japanese horror has really gone wrong now, whilst Iprefered the origonal Ring to the remake I thought the remake was passible his however was utter tripe I didnt care about the chracters one bit yuk.
Next movie I was joined by Bruce though he spent most of his time searching for content on google video, mostly of potateo guns and a where to buy ex soviet tanks why you ask perhaps one of his collegues wiping out todays work finally tipped im over the edge?
Ong Bak is a Thia martial arts film it was quiet enjoyable with its forgettble plot errible dialogue but excellent speial effects, given it wasdone without wirework or cgi it was very impressive.

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