Thursday, July 21, 2005

Still Ill :-(

Well days have past and yet Im not getting much better, so today I decided to fight my fears and head to the doctors. One examination later and I find I have either got a dose of food poisoning or a gastric bug either way he gave me some pills to help with the pain and other effects.
Work were pretty understanding about me having time off which was really good of them.
Though I have been at home I have been in no fit state to work on anything even as a casual project its really not much fun at all :-(
I hope to improve in time for Bergers house-warming on Saturday else I really will be upset.
I have managed to spend a few minute getting some of my personal tools for the next lan , namely a headset so I wont have to borrow one from Phil (Cheers for last time matey) I've gone for a pretty top of the line one though I bought it from eBay rather than a shop. I also treated myself to a new gaming mouse. Its called razor dimondback from razor (see razors website). There's a rather nice review of them here. I have been really impressed so far its been much more precise than my logitec mouseman dual hopfully it will net me a few more frags ;-)
The only thing I need now is a new PC to go with them then Phil can give his old one to Berger and we will all be happy. It wont be in time for the next Lan though I still need to pay off my Swedish trip and save up for a new fish tank they are the top priorities at the moment.
I've pretty much given up with buying a house for the time being its going to take years to save up a worthwhile deposit I am certainly no Nick when it comes to money.

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