Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back at work

Going back to work after a absence is always a pain but its a lot worse when your still not feeling well. That said fortunately yesterday wasn't too bad and I managed to get through the day just about.

I spend last night working with Phil organising all our diving photos for uploading onto the website, even with the duplicates removed there 700mb, however it should look excellent once all the photos are on there.

I was also chatting to Cassy last night it seems like such a long time since we lived in Moseley road interesting how peoples lives diverge. She introduced me (on-line) to her doctor friend Liz a junior doctor no less, personally I think it would end up like Bex she proved far to nice for the likes of me however Ill meet up with them when I am feeling better.
I hope everyone likes the new photo album . In time I intend to move all the pictures onto there.

Oh well I best get back to work I am having a meeting to catch up with the PSD at 10.30 .

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