Sunday, July 06, 2003

Airlie Beach

The next day we booked into a hostel near the lagona. The hostel itself is a little less personal and not very social but I think that the whole of Airlie hostels is that way. Most of the socialising is ethier done in the tacky bars or on the many sailing trip that there are.

So like the Romans we indulged in a night out. Not very sucessful. That day we had only eaten a few things and were still shatter from the day and night driving the day before.

We went to an Irish bar and the was no bar people. The ironic thing though was it looked like everybody had a drink in there. Advancing on to another bar called magnums we drank a couple more chilled beers. The Aussies drink cold beer, the pumps are cooled bottles are packed in ice and just to make sure it stays cold bottled beers are often served in polystyrene jackets to keep them cool. Beer and stupid contests were the order of the day I was still pissed off about my exams and no matter how much phil attempted to cheer me up my mood darkened so we decided to call it a night.

Awaking we tried to figure out how to kill another day in Airlie theres really not much here. Sitting on the beech we wrote out some postcards to send home. Surfed the internet for an hour or s and posted some of the photos for everyone to enjoy. We drove up to the rainforest and some of the views were spectacular.

In the evening we went out again, I decided to try and not let everything spoil my holiday so I was in a much better mood. We met up with a dive instructor called Andy, he was in Airlie looking at a boat (it apparently wasn't too hot in the end). Andy was a pretty sound bloke and he told us many dive stories. We will be looking up Calipso dive his company when we head north. More drinks followed then Andy pulled some pretty girl Phil and I went to bed drunk. Phil fell asleep in his clothes and I had to take his shoes off.

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