Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Violet Hill

Paul sent me todays title, its Coldplay's new song and available for free this week. I am not sure whether I like it or not yet, I feel it might be a grower rather than a stand out track.
Today the "credit crunch" (I hate that name) took victim another of our customers, this leaves us in a really weak position, basically according to the boss we are losing money and there will be no pay rises this year. Which given we have 3% inflation amounts to a pay cut in real terms, given this and the fact I am now working with a micro managing mega-lo-maniac got my CV out last night and gave it a polish. I think sometime soon that will come in handy. I quiet enjoy most of the work, but I never enjoy being micromanaged especially about stupid things, if I am 5 minutes late but sometimes spend whole evenings working on projects its all events out, I don't feel a need to justify this I always felt my works speaks for itself. It seems like now rather than care about outcomes the only are is conforming to some corporate ideal, well that dosn't fit well with me I prefer to be measured on results than the time I am sat behind my desk.

This evening I went to Japanese, hijacking the second half of the lesson to show off my photos. It was quiet funny really given I was so clueless when people quizzed me. I really need to practise a lot more. The photos went down really well though, people loved the Japanese gardens (even though my pictures hardly did them justice).

This evening I went for a drink with Phil, Nick and Bruce. Becky had initially said she wanted to catch up but she bailed. Hopefully I will catch her sooner or later. We all had a chat about the credit crunch and then road traffic accidents. Bruce made Nick turn green talking about the guy he saw get hit by a truck. He had finally received a reply to his transcript months after the accident. The guy luckily survived but there are lots of legal hoops to be jumped though yet.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Koop Island Blues

Tonight I went to the Buxton Opera house to see the Yamato Drummers of Japan. They were really amazing, I cant believe how much energy they had and wow drumming must be really good exercise because they had the sort of muscle definition most gym goers can only dream of.

Other than watch drummers, I have spent part of today trying to integrate this authentication system into the comments program I did for Phil. It had progressed well I just need to write a deletion function and tidy everything up, need to be done before next weekend though so Ill have to get a move on.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Do androids dream of elecric sheep?"

I had to get up early this morning as I had agreed to help Phil out on a Webcasting job. It ended up being a long day what with loading gear.

I had difficulty sleeping last night, I went to see Sandbox at Moho Live last night. I was a very loud and hot gig, I stayed to watch them and drank one can of Red Stripe (£3.50) and two cans of Red Bull (£2.50 each!) by the time I left I felt wired on the loud music and Red Bull, sweaty and vaguely ripped off by the stupid bar prices.

Sandbox were good, they looked and sounded relaxed, I loved Million Marlboro lights, shame neither Ian, Nick, Phil or Bruce could come as they were all either busy or tired, or both.

After driving about for a while I found a space in Picadilly Basin; the area behind the train station. I remember walking around there when I was at uni, the place has totally changed. Gone are the dodgy back street enterprises replaced with flats apartments. As I got out and started walking I was staggered how much has changed in the last few years. I saw people in the windows of their apartments crowded round little tables, is it the future? There were certainly plenty of people milling around the Northern Quarter, I always think how great it would be to live there, yet its prohibitively expensive.

A while ago I read this Wired Article about how the contextual web is enslaving people as they become "memes for the machines". Slavishly adding context to pictures, maps and all manor of things. A few times recently I have felt myself being a machine meme, after Japan I uploaded most of the photos to Flickr and I was poised to add titles and geo-reference (add to the map).
Today however was much worse, a program malfunction causing slides not to upload to the website automatically. I had became a meme for the machine, manually uploading slides to the internet as they changed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gone Are the Days

Today was a strange day, on the way into work I was collared by my boss. He looked tired and stressed, and he detailed how the credit crunch is affecting us. Basically we are suffering, and to emphasize the point the customer I work at has cut back the support days from 5 to 3. So from next week I will be going somewhere else (T.B.A.) Thursday Friday, scary stuff.
This uncertainty and the cost of the car has really put me off searching for a house, I am really worried it might be a really bad time to make the plunge.
This evening was surreal, I went to the gym then helped Phil work on his Webcasts. I actually only tried to help we failed to do what we wanted because there was an issue with remote access, its all too last minute.
That wasn't the surreal part though, the unreality came with a visit to the Thieves for a couple of drinks. Phil and I met Ian, Nick and Faye. It was the first time I have seen her for years thought strangely it felt like old times. Lot of talk about Japan, from my point of view and Phil's, including a strange but not unwelcome reminiscing about the first time I was there; on a stopover with with Ian, Faye and Danny, it seems like a lifetime ago now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


For anyone following the sad story of my car, its been in the garage since it broke down on the 1st March.
Yesterday I got it back, and today it goes back to the garage. My dad picked it up and in the heavy traffic he failed to notice that the turbo wasn't working so it slow as a snail, more of a tractor than a turbo diesel.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whiskey & Green Tea

I had ment to spend this weekend uploading my photos, and blogging up the trip. Somehow its not happening, to be honest I felt tired and low. Post holiday depression has set in, and I feel awful.
After Tokyo life here feels grey and lifeless devoid of colour and sound.
I went into work on Friday, and thanks to Jet lag felt mentally tired and unable to concentrate. I had hoped to feel more human by now but I am finding it realy hard to rejoin the human race.
Last night I went out for a drink at the John Millington with Nick and Bruce. Sitting the the crowded bar drinking Gin and Tonic, after eating a take away curry, I felt joyless. It was the curry I was happy to see them both I just miss Japan.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weird Japanese Sign

I saw this at Maibara station, I particuarly love the bit about reading a newspaper, XD
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Away In Japan

In case anyone missed it I am in Japan I've got a notebook so there be plenty to read in a week or so.

Away In Japan

In case anyone missed it I am in Japan ive got a notebook so there be plenty to read in a week or so.